Earthly Bandits is on a mission to reconnect people to nature by creating simple, yet effective skincare solutions for everyone to use.
Growing up, I had personal issues with bad skin. As I sought solutions, I soon became aware that a lot of the natural products I was using weren't as natural as they appeared. I wanted to know exactly what I was putting on my face and body and so I began experimenting with organic and natural botanical oils. In 2019, after years of testing and a lot of trial and error EARTHY BANDITS was born.
Inspired by everyday rituals such as bathing and cleansing, I wanted to create a brand that puts nature and simplicity back at the centre of self-care. Moreover, I wanted to create products that reconnect people to the therapeutic power of plants.
Our collection of beauty formulations are natural, sustainable and honest. Skincare that give results by making skin look healthier but at the same time respects our environment.
Our products are made with both efficacy and nourishment - just as nature intended.
Thank you to those that have supported our journey so far and to those that are just joining us now. I hope our products not only brings you healthier skin, but more balance and contentment in your day to day lives. 
Founder / Formulator