For many of us, the experimental years of our youth offer the first opportunities to test the limits of our conformity. To learn what moments we best excel in, to find a voice for asking questions, to rebel against old ways and define our own.

These moments matter. They sink in, sometimes for decades, our personal borderlines for confidence and beliefs.

Growing up, I had personal issues with bad skin, providing the early strains in my desire to create Earthly Bandits. As I sought solutions, I’d noticed that most brands focused on either men or women, with little appealing to the shared experience of both.

Years later, I called on the experiences that had played a part in shaping who I am. I wanted to create the brand that I had been looking for. One that respects nature, aligns with my values and stood apart from the rest. I wanted to create something with both efficacy and nourishment for our skin, developed away from labs, that put nature and simplicity back at the centre of self-care.

By proving ourselves as an earthly, reliable alternative to gender-specific products, Earthly Bandits is the perfect skincare range for those who are seeking something entirely different to what you’d normally see on store shelves.

Earthly Bandits is made in New Zealand, for all skin types. For everyone.